Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top Indian Artist

Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist

Wajid Khan is among the top Indian artist known for his nail art. Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist has gain specialization in carving nail art. Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist's name was in the Guinness Book of World records. Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist is a thinker, sculptor, painter, inventor and designer. He counts among the top Indian artist. The best part about his personality is that, more you know him, more you want to know about him. He is the best example of creativity and uniqueness.

The first nail painting of Wajid Khan came up in the year 2005 on which he is sincerely working and making efforts from past 3 years. It was a unique art that was just hammered with the nails but in the eyes of Wajid khan, it was a portrait.

Wajid Khan is an artist who is expert in consenting a dream into the actual world. Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist has known for giving the world an endowment with his amazing art.
Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist  was the only person who was patented for the nail art. He hammered  the iron nails into acrylic foam sheet to create unimagined and extremely adorable portraits that is hard to find anywhere else. Wajid Khan has done masters in the nail art and takes 3-6 months for creation of amazing sculpture.

Wajid Khan is the world famous artist and his name being recorded for his achievements in the 5 world record books. Wajid Khan  Top Indian Artist has his admirers all over the world ranging from India to Dubai.

John Keats’s immortal words…stands true in all ages, and very true for the creations of the gifted artist Wajid Khan.

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